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    Mr Nigel is a native English speaker from Great Britain and has taught English in Hong Kong and mainland China for more than 13 years.


    With a diverse range of classes such as Cambridge, Trinity, Letterland, creative writing, art and science, his exciting approach brings learners within easy reach of achieving their goal of becoming a confident and capable speaker of the English language.


    Throughout his teaching experience he has discovered that he has an extremely good rapport with children of all ages and enjoy his relaxed approach and humorous character providing a firm foundation for lasting relationship and continuous education.

    Why choose Mr.Nigel?

    Mr Nigel is a qualified TEFL teacher. He has extensive experience at teaching English to non-native speakers. He is self - motivated, enthusiastic, energetic and flexible with enough creative flare and imagination to engage young minds.

  • Teaching


    Trinity's GESE exams test the English speaking and listening skills of people whose first language is not English. They focus on building motivation and confidence in using English and enable students to chart their progress from beginner to proficiency.


    Young Learners is a series of fun, motivating English language tests, aimed at children in primary and lower-secondary education. There are three activity-based tests – Starters, Movers and Flyers. This gives students a clear path to improve in English.


    This unique phonic based approach to teaching reading, writing and spelling uses child-friendly pictograms to create an imaginary world where these characters come to life. These stories explain letter sounds & shapes, allowing children to progress quickly to word building, reading and writing.

    Creative Writing with Mind Mapping

    Creative writing encourages imagination. It helps children learn to think outside of the box and leads to the development of problem-solving skills. It teaches persuasiveness, discipline and grammar. It can also be used as therapy by putting the problem in the third person, helping them to remain detached.


    Mr Nigel has been teaching science to kids for over 7 years and is adept at creating fun and exciting experiments that kids can interact with, learn and enjoy.



    Online Classes

    Connecting with your teacher has never been easier! Gone are the days when teachers were these figures of authority and seen only within the confines of the school gates. Now your teacher is accessible online!




    As some of you might well be aware, Mr Nigel is currently undertaking a Mentoring Program for Schools run by Borders Connect, a leading UK distance learning provider.



    Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

    As some of you might well be aware, Mr Nigel is currently undertaking a Mentoring Program for Schools run by Borders Connect, a leading UK distance learning provider.



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  • Testimonials


    Age 5

    Mr Nigel is a wonderful English teacher whose lessons are very creative, enjoyable and effective. My son is always eager to see Mr Nigel and he learns English in so many fun ways. His English has improved a lot and he has also developed a genuine love for reading. The detailed progress reports at the end of each lesson are very useful. We are thrilled to witness his progress under Mr Nigel’s guidance and we would like to thank him for his wonderful teaching!


    Isabel (Joshua's mum)


    Age 5

    Mr Nigel is an enthusiastic and creative English teacher. He always gets my daughter into the mood of using English through fun games and visual aids. He inspires learning through play and my daughter looks forward to the goodies from his magical rucksack in great anticipation. He guided and encouraged my daughter to read articulately and it is amazing to see the expansion of her vocabulary bank. We find great joy in his classes and benefited a lot from his detailed feedback. Thanks Mr Nigel!


    Silvia (Nadia's mum)

    Zachary Wong

    Age 7

    Mr.Nigel has been a great help to my son to improve in English.
    His progressive and creative teaching methods to influence my son to naturally become more interested in English. Under his guidance, my son has become more confident in speaking English.


    Katie Tse (Zachary’s mom)

    Carl Ng

    Age 9

    Mr Nigel is a very nice and patient teacher. He is always trying to find a way that suits your child's learning. So the lesson is always enjoyable and the learning progress is effective!

    My son Carl loves Mr Nigel so much since the first lesson. Carl is so lucky to have Mr Nigel with him in learning English!

    Thanks, Mr Nigel!



    Cecily (Carl's mom)


    Age 9

    Mr Nigel is a very experienced native English teacher. He is patient, kind, funny and great! Mr Nigel provides a variety of supplementary materials for use during lessons. Not only can he arouse my daughter's interest in learning English, but he has also greatly improved my daughter's aspect of spelling, phonincs and reading. My daughter loves him so much and looks forward to seeing Mr Nigel every week. It is fortunate that my daughter has such a great English teacher in her early life.

    Fay Wong

    Age 10

    Mr Nigel is an energetic, patient and well organized teacher. He always encourages student to speak and ask questions. He engages his student in unique ways and makes learning fun for them. After the class, he must give feedback or write the progress for parents that make we understand both concerns and needs. Effy loves to learn with him very much!!


    Mandy (Fay Fay's Mum)


    Age 10

    We are pleased to meet Mr Nigel. He is an enthusiastic and experienced English teacher.

    He individualises each class according to the students character and ability and encourages my son, Marcas, to sit for longer periods of time.

    Mr Nigel's lessons are a very good investment as he makes the lesson come alive arousing my son's interest in learning.

    We are grateful because it is very effective for my son. Thank you Mr Nigel.


    Clara (Marcas' Mum)

    Louis and Andreas

    Age 8/6

    Mr Nigel has been teaching my two little boys, Louis and Andreas, since February 2016 and they have both improved a lot, spoken English in particular.


    My kids enjoy his classes as Mr Nigel adopts a lively approach to his teaching without loosing the course framework. He always prepares class materials, props and worksheets to suit the kids' levels prior to class.


    Peggy (Louis & Andreas' mum)


    Age 6

    My little boy, Andreas, enjoys the story time so much and is always attentive. Meanwhile, Louis benefits under Nigel's patient and incentive approach should he perform well during the class.


    Mr Nigel is always happy to let me know the progress of my children and what has happened during the season. This has been extremely beneficial as I'm able to help my kids improve and give them guidance where necessary.


    Peggy (Louis & Andreas' mum)


    Age 5

    Mr Nigel is a professional teacher who can play magic on kids! I've never heard from any kids who didn't like Mr Nigel and they are too eager for him to come. I can see tremendous improvements that Mr Nigel has brought on to Vitus, every lesson has been enjoyable and he can learn how to read independently, grasping the phonics aspects such that he developed interest in learning English.


    I appreciate Mr Nigel feedback after each lesson and is especially useful for working parents like us to understand our sons learning progress.


    I would highly recommend Mr Nigelto any parents who are seeking a good English teacher.


    Jenny (Vitus's mum)

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